The Future of Payments is Here With the Paystand Bank Network

Aug 2, 2023 by Zazil Martinez

Introducing the Paystand Bank Network: a game-changer for B2B transactions. It's fast, secure, and completely fee-free. Say goodbye to delays and extra costs. With Paystand, businesses can enjoy seamless, efficient, and secure payments. Discover how this innovative approach is transforming the way we do business.

A significant indicator of business success is customer satisfaction. Digital payment methods often meet customers' needs but present some disadvantages for companies. Credit card payments include fees that reduce profits; bank deposits take up to 5 working days to get the funds. This can delay processes like payroll or fulfilling commitments to suppliers.

But what if there was a fast, secure, and completely fee-free digital alternative? Bank-to-bank networks connect financial institutions, facilitating safe and efficient transfers.

The Paystand Bank Network is an innovative solution reshaping B2B transactions among these networks. Let's explore how Paystand transforms the payment landscape with smarter, cost-effective solutions.


What is a Bank-to-Bank Network?

A bank-to-bank network is a private and secure communication system. It facilitates the exchange of messages and transactions between banks and financial institutions.

The primary purpose of a bank-to-bank network is to allow secure and efficient fund transfers, payment settlements, and financial communications between banks. These networks enable interbank transfers, clearing and settlement processes, and other financial activities.


How Does a Bank-to-Bank Network Work?

Bank-to-bank networks use standardized message formats and protocols to communicate consistently and securely. The standardization allows seamless integration between financial institutions. This helps reduce the risk of errors or message misinterpretations during fund transfers.

Overall, bank-to-bank networks play a crucial role in the global financial system. They enable smooth cooperation and communication between banks to ease financial activities for businesses.


What is the Paystand Bank Network?

The Paystand Bank Network is a bank-to-bank network that allows businesses to transact directly with one another. This cuts out intermediaries and traditional payment methods. With this, Paystand aims to end payment-related fees, providing cost-effective payment solutions.

It is built on blockchain technology, offering businesses direct transactions and real-time visibility. By bypassing conventional payment systems, this network eliminates high fees and lengthy settlement times, providing enhanced security for B2B transactions.

Additionally, the Paystand Bank Network is a zero-fee payment rail that covers 90% of the US banking market and 98% of commercial accounts. It enables feeless transactions, real-time fund transfer access, and automated payment settlements. This makes it the most robust digital payment network available to businesses today.

Embracing the Paystand Bank Network opens doors to instant settlements, reduced costs, and improved business financial operations. We will delve into its features and benefits, uncovering how it paves the way for a more transparent and connected future in commerce.


What Are the Paystand Bank Network's Benefits?

Paystand Bank Network is a revolutionary way of making payments for B2B companies. Its fastness, safety, and innovation rely upon these factors:

  1. Faster Transactions. Paystand Bank Networks works like an express lane for money transfers between businesses. Instead of waiting days for payment, the network speeds up the process. This means that when one business pays another, the money arrives quickly, and both parties can use it immediately. Faster transactions help avoid delays and keep finances running smoothly.
  2. Enhanced Security. Just like how we lock our doors to keep our homes safe, the Paystand Bank Network has strong security measures. Every in-network payment creates a notarized digital record trail on the Assurety blockchain. These records are secure, verified, and auditable. Since they can't be altered, transactions are valid and free of tampering. This helps expedite payments and reduce chargeback requests.
  3. Reduced Costs. The Paystand Bank Network helps businesses save money by cutting unnecessary expenses. Traditional payment methods often incur extra fees that add up over time. Now businesses can avoid those additional costs, allowing them to keep more money for themselves.
  4. Real-time Fund Verification. Imagine being able to check the status of your payment just like you track a package you ordered online. The Paystand Bank Network offers that level of transparency. Connect with over 98% of all banks to authenticate identity, verify funds, and track payments. With our real-time fund verification, you can immediately determine if you have enough funds to pay. This eliminates chargebacks, processing fees, and costly, time-intensive follow-ups.
  5. Direct Transactions. The Paystand Bank Network allows businesses to cut out the middlemen and deal directly with each other. This approach streamlines the payment process, making it more efficient and reducing the number of parties involved.
  6. Blockchain Technology. Paystand uses advanced blockchain technology, which acts like a digital ledger that records every transaction. This technology ensures all payment information is secure, unchangeable, and easily traceable, giving businesses added confidence in their financial transactions.
  7. Seamless Integration. Paystand's platform is designed to work well with other business systems. It can easily connect with accounting software, financial tools, and other platforms businesses use daily. This simplifies the payment process and makes financial management more convenient. And with full customization and a robust set of APIs, you have ultimate control over the payments experience.


Paystand Bank Network Success Case: Elenteny Imports

Elenteny Imports is a logistical support provider for wine, beer, and spirits importers. Due to federal import regulations, they used a labor-intensive process for same-day payments.

Each customer sent a photo of a check, along with written permission for Elenteny's AR staff. They then generated a paper copy of the check using a check-writer program. This process required dozens of hours each month from Elenteny. Staff manually entered customer payments and reconciled them across two different platforms.

With the Paystand Bank Network, Elenteny fully automated same-day payment processes. They reduced manual tasks and increased self-service for their customers.

Click here to read the complete case study.


The Paystand Bank Network can benefit businesses with faster, safer, and cost-effective transactions. It offers real-time visibility, global accessibility, and enhanced cash management capabilities, helping businesses thrive.

Paystand's innovative approach, leveraging blockchain and seamless integration, provides an extra layer of efficiency and security—an attractive solution for businesses looking to optimize their financial operations.

Reduce overhead costs, drop transaction fees, and streamline collections. Book a demo with one of our experts and take your payments a step ahead with the Paystand Bank Network.