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How PEOs Can Stay Relevant in the Wake of Digital Reformation

May 17, 2017 by Kenzie Earle

Being in the era of the technological revolution, there are expectations to deliver excellence via digital services. Though customer service is prevalent in the success of many companies, the option to utilize software and have a positive user experience on a digital platform has become equally important – and maybe even more relevant. Enterprises seek the ability to reform their business models with the use of digital technologies, the ability to create new revenue streams and innovative ways to connect with their market place. It has become a requirement for the service providers of today to play a part in the impact of the consumer experience, apply automation platforms, and work with those enterprises to collaboratively solve problems and foster growth. As a PEO, there is priceless value in the human element of your services, but that isn’t the end-all in todays day and age. Fortunately, there are a myriad of options in our software rich nation so that you don’t need to succumb to the inefficiencies that manual processing brings with it. In 2013, the PEO industry and health insurance brokers witnessed opposition emerge when HR software made its debut and inaugurated a new and simple concept - purchase your insurance from them, and they will provide the software to handle the HR element of your business. It was a pitch that investors certainly bought into. The business model became so dominant, that at one point, one of the top HR software companies was valued at $4.5 billion within two years of surfacing. So how to does a PEO marry its traditional business model and the digital reformation that has swept the competitive market place? Let’s take a look into becoming a business that offers the service AND the product.