Paystand's Corporate Card

Instantly provision cards and control your company's spending in real time.  

It's the secure, forward-looking, card solution for you and your teams, and it's available for free.

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Amazing benefits for you and your business

With Paystand, your business can control all vendor payments and expenses from a single platform. You can create unlimited cards and restrict spend by limit and category.

Cards are available instantly for online payments
Simplify your expenses
Simplify your expenses

Create unlimited virtual cards for your invoices, employees and contractors and eliminate approval processes altogether. 

Always Stay within Budget
Always stay within budget

Paystand DeFi Cards can only be used up to the assigned spend limit. You don't have to worry about overspending. 

Earn more from your rewards

Earn competitive reward points on every dollar you spend. 

Speed & Flexibility

Real-time expense tracking

Provision cards for teams instantly, designate expense categories, and track spend by account, class and category. 


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Comprehensive Security

Touchless & secure

The Paystand Corporate Card is virtual card platform, so fraud risk is significantly reduced.

You can assign Corporate Cards internally for your company or externally to work as a new virtual payment method for your merchants or company expenses.

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How the Paystand Corporate Card works

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Onboard quickly

Complete a fast application and add and connect your bank account. No founder guarantee required. 

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Access a deposit account

Your business will have access to a deposit account that you can use to fund all of your cards.

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Control spend before spend happens

Create unlimited cards, assign card holders, and pre-approve spend limits and spend categories. Say goodbye to expense reports!

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Earn Rewards

With every dollar spent, your business will earn reward points. 

Experience Paystand Virtual Card

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Create a corporate card account within minutes  that helps you control your team's expenses. 

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