Increasing your Cash Velocity on Sage Intacct

Oct 21, 2022 by Sage Thee

Slow payments got you down?

It’s no secret that we’re all a bit more stressed than usual right now, facing inflation woes, recession warning bells, business slowdown, and a lack of predictability. As the financial waves continue to rock our boats, this uncertainty is making it increasingly difficult for AR professionals running Finance on Sage Intacct to predict customer demand, revenue, inbound payments, cash flow, and profit margins.

Early access to cash is key to the survival of the enterprise. Unfortunately, many industries and buyers are known to be slow to pay, Days Sales Outstanding (“DSO”) feels unnecessarily lengthy, and businesses lack the tools necessary to speed up their time to cash. To put it bluntly, many AR departments feel they are officially “at the mercy” of payers and have little-to-no recourse in accelerating their payments to improve cash flow.

Everyone from AR clerks to VPs of finance is feeling the pressure to collect revenue faster while simultaneously reducing revenue costs. As a result, AR leaders desperately need proven solutions that reduce the cost of revenue and fix the cost of AR operations while delivering a fast and measurable ROI, not just the promise of one.

Break free from legacy AR and payment infrastructure

We’re unique in the marketplace. Paystand is the only zero-fee B2B payments option for Sage Intacct. We help organizations like yours adapt to the ever-shifting economic environment by recognizing revenue sooner and at a much lower cost. By leveraging the newest technology to create a “self-driving cash cycle,” our platform allows many finance tasks and nearly all AR tasks to be automated, from invoicing through payment processing and reconciliation.

We reimagined B2B payments for today’s businesses, enabling you to get paid faster and maximize efficiency by speeding up your time-to-cash, lowering costs, and automating manual processes. In an uncertain economic environment, we offer modern, blockchain-enabled B2B payment solutions, enabling you to:

  1. Increase your cash velocity
  2. Speed up time to cash
  3. Eliminate unnecessary credit card fees
  4. Put your AR on auto-pilot

Speed up, Automate, and Eliminate

Our Sage Intacct integration delivers a headache-free AR process and increased ROI and cash velocity in three distinct ways.

1. Speed up time to cash and end-to-end cycle times for 20-80% faster DSO.

2. Say goodbye to long hours spent manually invoicing and billing your customers. Quickly and easily put your AR on auto-pilot by:

  • Reducing the end-to-end cash cycle for paper checks with Paystand’s Smart Lockbox.
  • Simplify the payer experience with:
  • Embedded payment links
  • Minimal clicks with our Fund-on-File tokens for B2B payments
  • Minimize loss due to errors and fraud with Paystand’s Assurety Blockchain.
  • Proactively offer early payment discounts to payers — on your own terms.

3. Automate and put payments and reconciliation on auto-pilot, resulting in 50% lower AR staff costs.

Save valuable time and energy with automated cash application and reconciliation to focus on what matters. Our integrated payments platform, purpose-built for Sage Intacct, allows you to:

  • Send automated payment reminders
  • Put recurring payments on auto-pay, so AR staff only have to handle rare exceptions
  • Leverage automation and blockchain technology to free up staff from time-consuming manual activities to focus their energy on high-level, strategic tasks like revenue recognition and capturing new leads.

Paystand automatically performs the cash application for each payment, automatically uploading deposit reports when funds are sent to the bank. Furthermore, Paystand automatically reconciles bank statements directly to the Sage Intacct ERP for single or multiple invoices and generates general ledger entries, eliminating the need for manual entry. AR merchants can see every transaction and access all associated data from their dashboards, allowing for a fast and easy accounts receivable process.

4. Eliminate high and rising credit card fees to increase your ROI.

By shifting your payment mix toward zero-fee methods like the Paystand Bank Network, utilizing tools like Payer Incentives and passing on Convenience Fees, and fixing a monthly cost to process an unlimited number of payments, you can break free from processing and interchange fees that cut into your hard-earned revenue.

Think ROI, not fees:

Reduce spend and increase customer retention by moving away from manual workflows, inefficient operations, and non-digital payment options. By utilizing Paystand’s next-gen B2B payment technology, you can:

  • Cut costs by 50% (or more!) simply by eliminating antiquated payment methods.
  • Decrease DSO by 60%, gaining greater control over cash flows.
  • Improve margins with our 0% Payment Network and fixed-cost approach.

Paystand + Sage Intacct = painless AR

We’ve made it our mission to provide businesses with fast, efficient, and profitable payments. Finance teams partner with Paystand because our subscription-based model guarantees predictable operating expenses (OpEx) and a lower per-payment transaction cost as their company grows. Our automated B2B payments network speeds up time-to-cash up to 80%, reduces manual intervention by 50%, eliminates credit card fees, and scales up to handle up to double the invoice and payment volumes.

Snag your free copy of our ebook to learn more about how Paystand’s Sage Intacct integration can increase your cash velocity for a headache-free accounts receivable process.